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Making Luxury Yacht Ownership Affordable through 
Luxury Yacht Shares sm Program

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Luxury Yachts Shares sm

Making Luxury Yacht Ownership Affordable through
Luxury Yacht Shares sm Program


The Best Yachtssm Are Found Here! Also Offering 
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, Charters and Luxury Yacht Shares

We are Best Yachts sm - the Best Yachts sm will soon be found here on the leading site for Best Yachts sm!

Our new office is opening in Clear Lake, Texas. Our founder and co-founders include several yacht owners whose background include the energy and renewable energy industries who saw the need for our services in the areas of yacht sales and service, Luxury Yacht Shares, Luxury Yacht Management, Luxury Yacht Ownership, Luxury Yacht Sales and Yacht Sales And Service

With a proven track record and passion for yachting, our founder and co-founders have a solid and worldwide reputation in the yachting industry.  Our team includes brokers who are fluent in Chinese, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.  Our brokers are driven by the same passion as our founder and co-founders, which is to provide superior service for our clients, whether that is finding our clients the Best Yachts sm for sale, purchase, charter, company party/corporate events, or private cruise.





Best Yachts sm  is now providing the Best Yachts sm for worldwide luxury yacht charters!

Our range of services have been expanded through a strategic partnership with a private owner of a wide range of luxury yachts who is making their selection available to us on an exclusive basis. Our offerings range from traditional classic sailing yachts to high performance racing yachts, motor yachts, luxury yachts, and mega yachts. In addition, we have a database of the Best Yachts sm that are available for a customized solution for your yachting requirements.

Best Yachts sm are always checked and evaluated with the highest attention to detail before we make them available to our clients, whether for sale, purchase, charter or corporate events. Best Yachts sm  ensures the very best in: accommodations, comfort, entertainment, luxury, service, and water sports onboard our yachts.  Our crews are selected for their attention to detail in all aspects of service, professionals, experience and courtesy. 

We assist our clients is every detail related to planning and enjoying their Best Yachts sm and provide customized solutions to yacht sales, yacht purchase, Luxury Yacht Charter, Yacht Management, Yacht Brokerage and Yacht Marketing. 

We outperform all competition not only based on superior service and attention to detail, but also because our website(s) provide the highest "natural search engine rankings."  More visitors "naturally" and "organically" lead to our leading website(s) which translates into more qualified searches and leads for the "Best Yachts" that our clients are seeking.  The bottom line is we provide faster, qualified results and increased sales! In addition, as we own the leading websites for the yachting industry, we do not have to advertise on other sites or pay for "pay per click" fees to outperform our competition and provide the results our customers are seeking.  This is due to the fact our founder - starting in 1999, secured the leading internet addresses relating to the yachting industry.  This means we are able to save our clients thousands of dollars in marketing expenditures - and still drive the relevant and targeted searches to our website(s) or those of our clients.  We "naturally" and organically rank on the positions for all major searches and search engines.  

Our page ranking program "naturally" optimizes and positions our sites on the first page ranking results of all major search engines. As we rank so high on all major search engine, such as Google and Yahoo, we have the highest site visitors, that are pre-qualified - and more visitors leads to more inquiries, opportunities, and ultimately, more sales!

Other locations for Best Yachts sm now available:

Boston, Massachusetts

Grand Bahamas or Nassau, Bahamas

Hong Kong, China

Honolulu, Hawaii

Lahaina or Maui, Hawaii

London, England

Los Angeles, California

Nassau, Bahamas

Montego Bay, Negril or Ocho Rios Jamaica 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New York, NY

Miami, St. Petersburg or Palm Beach, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Saint Tropez or French Riviera area, France 

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Sydney, Australia

Vancouver, B.C.


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